ATE-200 operability check is carried out by means of self-control.
The program allows carrying out of ATE-200 hardware in general and its separate elements self-control:

  • Test of commutative matrix relay;
  • Instruments test;
  • I/O Card.

ATE-200 self-control can be carried out on 2 levels:

  1. Operability check – short test performed in the beginning of test procedure of each unit under test;
  2. Comprehensive control is performed by means of specialized AI set for ATE-200 devices fault detection.

Example of ATE-200 location

The size of the laboratory for testing of 120 various types of aircraft units with ATE-200 is represented on the figure. The Capacity – 15 – 50 units per day.

Required level of special training

For the work with ATE-200 maintenance personnel must complete training program ATE-200 maintenance and also must learn safety instructions for electric equipment operation.

Basic data for test programs development

The following documentation is basic data for NTP and AI development:

  • HK in compliance with 19338-82 GOST;
  • Operations manual;
  • Specifications;
  • Unit under test manual, presented by a designer of unit under test (for instance, incoming check manual) and approved by BETA AIR;
  • Unit under test manual designed by BETA AIR JSC and conformed with Unit under test designer;
  • Component Maintenance Manual (CMM) – maintenance manual and/or program written on a special machine language;
  • Operation cards for unit under test checking.